Besides the tree stump project, my mother and I completed the mobile for baby boy’s nursery.

For the past 4 months or so I have been working on needle felting tiny little woodland creatures out of wool.  (Thanks to a VERY crafty friend who runs her own craftacular classes, a bunch of us had a “felting party” and learned the proper technique to create these adorable little guys – if you live in the Columbus area and want an arts and crafts party, I am happy to pass on her info).   More on the process below…



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The Nursery: DIY Tree Stump Side Table

Last weekend when Emily’s mom came to town for the baby shower,  they decided to tackle some of the last DIY’s for the Nursery.

One of these included a small, yet adorable tree stump side table to fill the itty bitty space next to the glider and give mommy (or daddy) a place to put their water during night time feedings.  IMG_3016


It was FREE, surprisingly easy, and a really quick DIY that we think anyone could do.  See steps below:

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DIYDS: Tree Removal



I’ve got to get into THAT?!

Another Do It Your Damn Self (DIYDS) post!  This time all we had to do was take a few trees out.  Our options were to hire it out or save thousands of $ by embarrassing ourselves, risking lives, having fun, and going in labor debt to some friends!

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Happy Mother’s Day (DIY Gifts)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there. Whether you are a mother to a child or to 12 cats, unconditional love and sacrifices are why you are all being honored today!

I may be biased, but Im pretty sure I was raised by the most amazing mama in the world.  She is now my bestie and I cannot wait for my children to have her (and my Mother In Law) as their grandma! Doug’s mom had to be pretty awesome at motherhood as well, because he turned out damn near perfect.  This is why I wanted to find something really special for these two incredible ladies for Mother’s Day this year.

When perusing the interwebz for Mother’s Day gifts, I kept finding the most thoughtful and adorable things on Etsy.  Rather then pay someone to craft these items for me, I decided to take away ideas from shops and put my own craftastic skills to work.  (And in turn, save some benjamins!) I decided to frame some of the (creepy) ultrasound photos we have and matching flower pots. My DIY adventure is spelled out in the picture story below….

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BOB’s April Update:

We turn our focus back to BOB.  (Who are we kidding, we are ALWAYS focusing n BOB).

The place is starting to come together!

Here’s our update:

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The Nursery: Reupholstering a Glider pt. 2 (More DIY Details)

So here is a very unprofessional, learn as I go DIY on how I recovered my ugly glider.

Disclaimer, I am no where near a real seemstress and do not really know what I am talking about for the most part.

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The Nursery: Reupholstering a Glider

By now you probably have realized, we like to save money.  (Hence the title of this blog, duh).  So when looking for a glider for the nursery, we had originally set out sites on this cheap(ish) one from Ikea.  In stores I think it goes for somewhere around $215.  Most other gliders we saw were about $399 and up. poang-rocking-chair__0153324_PE311654_S4 Continue reading

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Why Frugal to Freedom?

So what gave us (a very busy couple with a crap-ton of chaos happening in our lives at the moment) the hair brained idea to start a Blog? And then to title it “Frugal to Freedom?!?!”  WTF is that about? Well, glad you asked….

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The Nursery: Decor Edition

Here’s a sneak peak at our hopes and dreams for a uber modern baby nursery with a rustic woodland feel.  Notice the hesitance to say “theme.” We do not want squirrels, deer and hedgehogs exploding from every inch of the room.

Regardless of the gender (which we find out Tuesday…squeeeel) we want a clean black, white, and grey pallet.  There will be pops of blue, green, orange for a boy or pinks, teal and green tones for a girl.

More details below the design board.


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